Artist Statement

Thank you for visiting!  It's a pleasure to share my latest projects with you.

This site highlights some of the projects that I have fulfilled as a freelance artist.
For the past 15+ years I have created mosaic art, fine art, photography and
textures/artistic wall and surface finishes for private residences, commercial
spaces, film/video and print.

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.....  evErYthiIing  !IS!  EvVeryTthiNg  .....

We are invited to be open and aware of the present, intangible bits of life -
our snapshots of daily human living.  Capturing those acknowledgements
on film and canvas intrigues, challenges and fulfills me.  The creative
process!  The energetic evolution as a piece gains momentum awakens me.
Sharing that experience with other people, as well as breathing in others'
creations, is my ultimate sustenance.

Tracy G